Portraits is intended to be a collection of art work by Mike Burr with the intention of showing how he used maths in the structure of paintings.

Portraits is part of a larger collection of painting , poetry and music created exclusively for you by The Englishness of Mike Burr .


Join me on a Journey through the constructs of art

Portraits 2008 and 2009 are intended as a guide for those of you who wish to know such things as to how i used maths
and some concepts from physics to structure paintings. Struck by a small meteorite and a flash of genius ..in 2010
I invented the New English Gothick style and in 2011 used it to create the "Wallpaper for Prisons" series
just for you .. and if that wasnt enough I then recreated the 'Art of Tempera' using
the Even Temperament ethos and multi-dimensional method painting ...and if that wasnt enough ive risked health
and sanity by experimenting with halucinogenix and horse tranquilisers to bring you "Cartoons"
then HM Govt Dole office requested a special assignment part 1 .. and so i created .. The Psychology of Shape
later in the year i hope to have something even more impressive almost exclusively 4 u ...

The Psychology of Shape ; ..

The Drug Abuse Cartoons ... and others 2012; ..

The Teifi Pictures ... one girls adventures in art; ..

Experiments With Eggs .. Tempera 2011; ..

Wallpaper for Prisons .. Portraits 2011; ..

The beautiful year starts New English Gothick ..... Portraits 2010; ..

Examples of the use of structures below.. these arent complicated. I did start to develop a gui version in assembler [Masm32] so that you might use
it to develop your own patterning but I've had to set this aside for a while

Structures and stories ... Portraits 2009; ..

The first great year ... Portraits 2008; ..

Below are detailed some of the precepts behind the psychology of the images :-

The Psychology of shape as used in the above ; ..

A brand new feature enabling you to become a Virtual Artist and featuring ... mundane moments in the Lifes of the Artists.
Artistes .. Moments that history forgot; ..


Details of structure and what the artist tried and his initial concepts may be found in

Mikes secret files
also a leaflet in htm format may be found here Mikes leaflet

here on wiki